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Dream | Dainty Sunstone, Amazonite and Smoky Quartz Necklace | Genuine Crystals

Dream | Dainty Sunstone, Amazonite and Smoky Quartz Necklace | Genuine Crystals

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Positivity • Soulfulness • New Beginning
Dainty Sunstone, Amazonite & Smoky Quartz necklace handcrafted in Australia.
I'm your playful companion for days in the sun and adventures overseas. Full of positivity, trust and joy I come with you wherever your adventures will take you!

Length: 40 cm

Amazonite | Balance • Soulfulness • Tolerance • Patience

I have a balancing effect on you and can help setting the inner perfectionist aside. It's my speciality to deal with mood swings and practice patience and tolerance. We dissolve stinginess, egoism and grief together, so you experience pure soulfulness in the here and now. I'm your helper to achieve your goals easily and with softness.

Smoky Quartz | New Beginning • Grounding • Rebirth

I'll help you overcome depressive moods and dependencies and open your eyes to a new path in life. First we let go of what no longer serves you, then we manifest your creative new plans and wishes. Through grounding you can let go of stress, anxiety and self-destructive thoughts. Now you are ready for a new future ahead of you!

Sun Stone | Positivity • Confidence • Mindset

"Say YES to life!" Gently and with ease I calm you down and help you to relax and unwind. I carry special energies within when it comes to having an optimistic and positive mindset and will fuel you with happiness from within.Let me show you how to dissolve anger and fill you with confidence, positivity and optimism. You'll have to face your fears but get rewarded with new possibilities and endless opportunities. I'll let you shine as the sun, bright, with warming energy and for each and everyone.

Crystal Information

Crystals are a natural product and may slightly vary in colours.

Find all information about different gemstone qualities here.


• Genuine Gemstone

• 2.5mm 14k gold filled beads & ring clasp

• Hypoallergenic, nickel free and perfect for daily wear

• Handcrafted in Australia

• 6mm branded Hope The Studio tag

• Luxurious jewellery pouch with every order

Care information

To make your new favourite piece a long lasting companion, please consider:

• avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, sunscreen, lotions, and other chemicals.

• Remove your jewellery when washing your hands, before you shower, or swim in chlorine or salt water.

• Remove your jewellery while excercising, cleaning or sleeping to prevent accidental breakage.

• We all love layering, but please keep in mind that metal rubbing against metal may affect the wear of the pieces.

As a general rule, your jewels should be the last piece you put on and the first you take off.

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