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Glow Up | Handcrafted Mala Beads for Your Higher Self and Manifestation

Glow Up | Handcrafted Mala Beads for Your Higher Self and Manifestation

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Glow Up

Spirituality • Meditation • New Beginning • Higher Self

"I'm the master when it comes to your connection to the third eye, your crown chakra and your spirituality. My super-power is opening up a window to mindfulness and you inner world where you can manifest, travel to you ancestors, connect with you higher self and discover your psychic force. I'll guide you through a truly magical world with where you'll suddenly discover all the small miracles and coincidences which make totally sense along you own individual way. Come with me to see the love in the detail, be in peace with yourself and serve to the bigger and wider picture."

Afraid to go alone? Take this mala bead with you on your spiritual path. This mala combines Amethyst, Jasper, Agate and Smoky Quartz.

Handcrafted in Australia.

Agate | Stability • Spirituality • Strength •  Trust

Agate is one of the strongest healing stones to accompany you on your spiritual path. I give you creativity, strength and trust to bravely grow beyond yourself, but I also catch you before you overshoot the mark and bring you back to your inner centre.Through me it will be possible for you to transform negative energies and give them a new, higher vibration.

Amethyst | Calm • Intuition • Meditation

I carry special calming abilities within and come with you to discover a path to your intuition. Once you radiate from your deepest core, I'll help you to connect with the big picture.The connection to your inner and higher self will support you to make decisions and achieve inner peace through increased objectivity.If you put me under your pillow, I'll ensure a deep and restful sleep.

Jasper | Energy • Boldness • Willpower • Satisfaction

As Jasper I help you to connect with your roots and to draw super-power-energy from the earth. I invite you to pause for a deep breath and then give you strength, courage and willpower for anything and everything ahead of you. This superpower enables you to think things through carefully, reflect thoroughly and finally implement them actively with boldness and satisfaction.Let me guide you through big projects, I whoop for you as you  reach your goals.

Smoky Quartz | New Beginning • Grounding • Rebirth

I'll help you overcome depressive moods and dependencies and open your eyes to a new path in life. First we let go of what no longer serves you, then we manifest your creative new plans and wishes. Through grounding you can let go of stress, anxiety and self-destructive thoughts. Now you are ready for a new future ahead of you!

Crystal Information

Crystals are a natural product and may slightly vary in colours.

Find all information about different gemstone qualities here.


• Genuine Gemstone

• 2.5mm 14k gold filled beads & ring clasp

• Hypoallergenic, nickel free and perfect for daily wear

• Handcrafted in Australia

• 6mm branded Hope The Studio tag

• Luxurious jewellery pouch with every order

Care information

To make your new favourite piece a long lasting companion, please consider:

• avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, sunscreen, lotions, and other chemicals.

• Remove your jewellery when washing your hands, before you shower, or swim in chlorine or salt water.

• Remove your jewellery while excercising, cleaning or sleeping to prevent accidental breakage.

• We all love layering, but please keep in mind that metal rubbing against metal may affect the wear of the pieces.

As a general rule, your jewels should be the last piece you put on and the first you take off.

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