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Entrenched | Handcrafted Mala Beads to Connect with Your Roots

Entrenched | Handcrafted Mala Beads to Connect with Your Roots

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Stability • Earthing • Roots • Creativity

"This chapter is called back to the roots, baby! Have you lost yourself a little bit along the way? Have you takes some turns which weren't meant to be yours? No worries, we've got this! We have a few big jobs to do together like healing your inner child, guiding towards your true calling in life and un-become everything that isn't you but will eventually reconnect with mother earth and wander back to your genuine you. Gently I'll reconnect you with your values and the gifts you have to bring into this world. This will be a big chunk of transformative inner work, but worth the journey, I tell you! I'll reconnect you with mother nature and it's magic which will help you letting go of what no longer serves you and makes you come back stronger than you've ever been before."

A rockstar that will give you the power to be rooted and centred while you speak up for yourself, fall in love with nature again and reevaluate your direction.

This mala combines Burma Jade, White Agate and Labradorite.

Handcrafted in Australia.

Agate | Stability • Spirituality • Strength •  Trust

Agate is one of the strongest healing stones to accompany you on your spiritual path. I give you creativity, strength and trust to bravely grow beyond yourself, but I also catch you before you overshoot the mark and bring you back to your inner centre.Through me it will be possible for you to transform negative energies and give them a new, higher vibration.

Jade | Grounding • Connection to Nature • Equilibrium • Inner Strength

In a very unique way, I will help you to balance your female and male energy. Like a bridge to nature, I remind you  that you are a part of this wonderful mother earth and will help you strengthen your roots. Life is a dance between day and night, sun and moon, giving and receiving. With me at your side you will find your very own place in this game and get to know yourself new in your perfect harmony. You are allowed to live the fullest version of your true core in your balance.

Labradorite | Imagination • Creativity • Fantasy

I am here to fuel your imagination and to express your creativity. You can now unfold with joy and trust your inner voice. She knows the way and I promise you will attract success when you follow your heart. So many small miracles, like colours I carry inside me, are waiting for you and may shimmer in your life, just the way my surface does!

Crystal Information

Crystals are a natural product and may slightly vary in colours.

Find all information about different gemstone qualities here.


• Genuine Gemstone

• 2.5mm 14k gold filled beads & ring clasp

• Hypoallergenic, nickel free and perfect for daily wear

• Handcrafted in Australia

• 6mm branded Hope The Studio tag

• Luxurious jewellery pouch with every order

Care information

To make your new favourite piece a long lasting companion, please consider:

• avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, sunscreen, lotions, and other chemicals.

• Remove your jewellery when washing your hands, before you shower, or swim in chlorine or salt water.

• Remove your jewellery while excercising, cleaning or sleeping to prevent accidental breakage.

• We all love layering, but please keep in mind that metal rubbing against metal may affect the wear of the pieces.

As a general rule, your jewels should be the last piece you put on and the first you take off.

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