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Crystals & Cacao Ceremony | Make your own Mala Beads ($175pp)

Crystals & Cacao Ceremony | Make your own Mala Beads ($175pp)

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What a way to spend the day! This event comes from my heart to yours and is the perfect Mother's Blessing, Hens Party, Friends Gathering or Birthday Party for mindful souls.

At the Cacao & Crystals Ceremony we will be connecting with Mama Cacao (Ceremonial Cacao), dive into a grounding meditation, learn about crystals and create our own mala beads which we then cleanse, fill with reiki energy and take home with us as a lifelong companion. This event is designed to be a wholesome ceremony experience for you and your soulmates.

No experience needed as I'm here to share all the information about different crystals and their healing properties with you, show you how you can implement them into your daily life and chat about insights how to cleanse and recharge your crystals same as how to meditate with your mala beads

  • At this event each guest creates one personalised mala beads (108 beads) which you will take home with you.
  • Minimum of 4 guests required, up to 12 guests (Larger parties also available by arrangement).
  • Party duration is approximately 4 hours and will depend on the number of guests attending.
  • Choose to have the party at your place or at one of our beautiful locations.
  • Ceremonial Cacao provided by me (vegan). 
  • It's your own private party. You just need to bring along any additional drinks and nibbles.
  • We bring all the materials and equipment, decorate the table and provide the music.
  • We will also contact you prior to ensure we decorate to cater for any special occasion.
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