Your Personalised Mala Beads

Your Personalised Mala Beads - unique as you are. 

Your gemstone mala is meant to be by your side for a lifetime. It'll gift you strength, peace and security - your mala is your anchor when life challenges you, your guidance when your path is not clear, your travel companion into the world of your thoughts, and opening connection to your heart when protective layers make access difficult.


A mala for your personal path
Each and everyone of us is so unique and so special in their own way same as our challenges and issues are. We all have rocks ahead of us along our path, some smaller, some bigger. 
As beautiful as all our malas are, your personal mala is as individual as you are and customised to you very personal needs. 

In your personal mala consultation I, Mimi, take you by your hand and walk with you through the wonderful world of gemstones and their healing properties. We'll have a look at the challenges in your life which keep cropping up and define which gemstones will support you in tackling them. 

As part of your consultation we'll also decide about the in detail design of your mala necklace including the arrangement of the particular crystal beads, the choice of further elements, knots and finish. 

Following this creative process I will handcraft the mala of your choice from high-quality materials to soon be a loyal and lifelong companion to you. I'm so excited to get to know you and create a unique mala for your journey! 


Purchase you individual mala consultation here. Once the purchase is made I'll get in touch with you to find a date and time within the next 7 days for our consultation.