Bubbles & Beads

Team Building, Hen's Parties,ย Mother's - Blessings, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Friends Gatherings,...

Create some magic in best company!

Whether you are after an inspirational event for your team or a fun activity with your besties, our Bubbles & Beads events are a relaxing way to unwind and get creative while sipping your favourite bubbles and snacking some nibbles.

Working with your hands is highly meditative and puts you in a peaceful state of mind. Creating jewellery together is a great team activity as it reconnects you with the gifts of nature and helps you calm down.

No experience needed as we are here to share all the information about different crystals and their healing properties with you, show you how you can implement them into your daily life and chat about insights how to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

We guide you to create 1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces of personalised jewellery for you which you will take home with you.

Bubbles & Beads

Happiness Guarantee

Our Promise

Stress Free

Our promise is: this is your hassle free events solution. You just book the event and we do the rest. We will be in touch with you to make sure the event is tailored to your wishes & needs.

We bring all the equipment, the decoration, the music, the knowledge and the fun. Each guest will walk away with their very personal piece(s) of jewellery in one of our precious jewellery bags.

All you need to bring are drinks & nibbles you'd like to offer to your guests during the event. If you need helping hand here, let us know and we'll get you sorted!

If the event takes place in the comfort of your own home, please provide a table and seats for the amount of your guests.

P.S.: we even clean up after ourselves at the end :-)


We have been working in the gemstone industry for many years and want to share the magic and mystery of crystals with as many people as possible. Mother earth has given us these precious stones as companions to guide us along our individual paths. Each stone comes with different healing properties and we can't wait to answer all your questions and help you choose the right stones for your lifelong companions!


You come with a certain picture in your head or want to tailor one of our events to a certain theme? We are in for it!

Whether you need our help with organising snacks & drinks, want some special music, are looking for special crystals and gemstones, this will be your unique experience and we are the creators to make it happen. Prior to your event we'll be in touch - please feel free to discuss any special requests with us!

FAQs Bubbles & Beads

How do I lock in date, time and location?

First of all just make the booking for your event via the Online Shop. After that we'll get in touch with you to find a suitable date, time and discuss the location of your event.

Our schedule is super flexible and we want to make sure to offer you the time you wish for. This is why there are no fixed times to book ahead.

Have a look at our partner locations.

My Place or Yours?

Our events are available in the comfort of your / your friends own home (please provide a table & sitting possibility for each guest) or in our stylish partner locations (yoga studios, cafes, concept stores,...).

Have a look at our partner locations.

Once you book your event please let us know in the "notes section" at the checkout if you'd like us to take care of the location or not.

We are currently available along the Gold Coast, Australia and will get the location we're thinking of approved by you prior to the event.

Please don't forget to bring bubbles & nibbles for your guests!

Can I change / cancel (the date of) my party?


Up to 10 days prior to booking date - reschedule your event to a suitable date in the future free of charge

3 - 10 days prior to booking date - 10% rescheduling fee

0 - 72 hours prior to booking date - 20% rescheduling fee


10 days prior to booking date - 20% cancellation fee

4 - 9 days prior to booking date 30% cancellation fee

0 - 96 hours prior to booking date 50% cancellation fee

Can I change the amount of guests for my event?

Sure thing! Just get in touch with us up to 48 hours prior to the event and we'll adjust the number for you.

Please keep in mind we always have a minimum of 4 guests for all our events. Even if less than 4 people attend the event, this is the minimum amount we'll charge you. The good news is the jewellery pieces that your guest would have made are still part of your package and can be shared amongst your remaining guests on the day.

If you wish to add on more guests, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to the event.

What is my job at the party?

You as host are our guest as well. If the event takes place in the comfort of your own home / a friends place, please just give us a quick rundown where we'll find the bathroom and if there is anything we need to know.

We bring all the equipment, tools, beads, decoration and music and even clean up after ourselves.

It will be your task to provide snacks and drinks, yet we are happy to give you a hand in serving those.

If you book your event at one of our locations only the drinks and nibbles are up to you!

Which area are you hosting events in?

We are mainly available at the Gold Coast from Tweed Heads up to Brisbane. Please get in touch with us regardless, we are always happy to discuss any travel rates for your special event.