Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Hope The Studio pieces made?

All our pieces are designed and handcrafted by our small team located at the Gold Coast of Australia. 

Which materials are used for Hope The Studio pieces?

For all our jewellery we use AAA rated gemstones, 14k gold-filled, stainless steel and raw brass components which are all known to be highest in quality, not tarnishing and durable. Please keep in mind, crystals are a natural product and will differ slightly in colour, size and shape. Each stone is a unicum, just as you are. 

Are Hope The Studio pieces waterproof?

14k gold-filled, stainless steel and raw brass components are all known to be highest in quality, not tarnishing and durable. Real gemstones are a natural product and not all of them should be touching water. This is why we don't recommend wearing your jewellery in the sea, shower, while you sleep or work out. Especially salt, sand and the pH-value of your skin can make damage to your Hope The Studio pieces. As a general rule your jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off!

How long does it take until Hope The Studio ships my order?

Once your order is placed it will take us, depending on sales period, up to 7 days to create your unique piece and hand it over to the shipping carrier. Shipping times vary by location, head over to our Shippings & Returns page for most current information. 

Are the gemstones you use ethically sourced?

As we have highest respect for the beauty of nature we do our best to source the crystals and gemstones used for our jewellery in a sustainable and ethically correct way. Our goal is to source materials with the right kind energy to match our values. We are happy to say that most of our crystals come from small family businesses which we are in touch with every day.The gemstone market has it's twists and turns when it comes to tranparency, which is why we are not communicating "100% ethically sourced". That said we want to let you know that we are 100% comfortable with our trusted partners and the way our crystals are sourced. 

I'm local, can I pick up my order?

At this stage we don't have a showroom (yet) but feel free to shoot us a message and we'll see if we can organise a pick up!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we do and we'd love to see you in your custom made Hope The Studio companion. Please get in touch with us before you order so we can discuss ideas, price and timeline! 

Do you have any discounts?

Each of our pieces is handmade in Australia. No factory, no big machinery, just two hands and a heart filled with passion which is why our prices are calculated tightly and huge marketing discounts are not calculated in. We rather provide you a fair price all the time than overprice just to take a few percent off. For very special occasions we will be feeling extra kind , so make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first one to receive the love-news! 

How do crystals & gemstones work?

At Hope The Studio we want to educate you as much as possible about the beautiful gemstones and it's healing properties. Please head over to our education page, blog or social accounts for all the information you need! 

Can I return or cancel my order?

Yes, please head over to Shipping & Returns

Does Hope The Studio have warranty?

Yes, please head over to Shipping & Returns

My necklace or bracelet is not the exact lenght as chosen.

We advertise all our necklaces with 40cm length and 15cm + 4cm extension for our bracelets. As the products are handcrafted it can happen that their lenght varies around 0,5-1cm. This happens because we work everything by our hands which can't be compared to machine-made products.

We apologise for that in advance and am sure you'll love your unique Hope The Studio companion!

More Questions?

Feel free to contact us anytime!