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Crystal Jewellery • Yoga • Mala Beads • Events • Reiki • Ceremonies

Hope The Studio is your place of wholesomeness.

We handcraft unique jewellery and mala beads, create heartful events and ceremonies, flow with you through vinyasa and yin, share our wisdom and energy and are your companion to a mindful life-journey.

  • Jewellery & Mala Beads

    Our jewellery is handcrafted from mother nature's most precious treasures: sparkling crystals and gemstones. Each piece is a beautiful unicum, just as you are.

  • Yoga

    A timeless practice uniting breath and movement, guiding you to rediscover the profound connection between mind and body.

  • Events & Ceremonies

    Team Building, Hen's Parties, Mother's-Blessings, Birthday Parties, Friends Gatherings,... create some magic with your chosen family!

  • Reiki & Chakra Work

    Reiki is an ancient healing technique that aims to open and balance the charkas. This therapy allows energy to flow freely and creates harmony in your body.

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Yoga, a timeless practice uniting breath and movement, guides us to rediscover the profound connection between mind and body. In its embrace, find serenity and strength, fostering a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

Come flow with me!

Reiki with Mimi from Hope The Studio

Reiki Healings

Reiki is a holistic healing practice, it allows divine universal energy to flow through every cell of the body, relaxing, aligning, cleansing, creating that sense of calm, that sense of weightlessness, giving the body, mind and soul the energy and support it needs to rebalance in order to inspire self healing.

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Bubbles & Beads | What a way to spend the day!

Team Building, Hen's Parties, Mother's - Blessings, Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Friends Gatherings,... we got you covered with inspirational, fun & creative events!